Shadowbrew: Wulfgar and the Sundial of the Sun God at Zhentil Keep

Wulfgar braves the perilous corridors of Zhentil Keep to obtain the Sundial of the Sun God, a powerful artifact necessary for creating a potion of invisibility. After successfully brewing and drinking the potion just as guards arrive, he escapes unseen, ready to shape his destiny with newfound confidence.

Updated: July 4, 2024, 6 a.m.

Wulfgar stood at the entrance of Zhentil Keep, the ancient fortress looming ominously against the twilight sky. He had journeyed far to reach this forsaken place, driven by a desperate need for invisibility. The Sundial of the Sun God, an artifact of immense power, lay hidden within these stone walls. With it, he could brew the elusive potion that would make him unseen to all eyes. Gathering his courage, he took a deep breath and stepped inside.

The corridors of the Keep were dimly lit, shadows dancing eerily on the rough stone walls. Wulfgar moved silently, keenly aware that any sound could alert the Keep’s dreaded inhabitants. The Sundial’s location was a closely guarded secret, but Wulfgar had gleaned its whereabouts from an old, tattered map—a map that cost him dearly in both gold and trust.

Hours seemed to pass as Wulfgar navigated the labyrinthine halls, each turn and corridor looking deceptively similar. Finally, he found himself before a grand, iron-bound door. Strange glyphs adorned its surface, glowing faintly in the dark. This had to be it—the chamber of the Sundial. Wulfgar whispered an incantation and pushed the door open, revealing a room bathed in an ethereal golden light.

At the center of the room, atop a marble pedestal, stood the Sundial of the Sun God. Its surface shimmered with celestial light, casting radiant beams across the room. Wulfgar approached it reverently, feeling the weight of its ancient power. He took out a small vial filled with a mixture of rare herbs and arcane substances—ingredients for the potion of invisibility. The Sundial’s light was the final catalyst needed for the brew.

Wulfgar carefully positioned the vial beneath the Sundial’s beam, watching as the light infused the mixture with a golden hue. As the potion began to bubble and churn, he chanted the sacred words passed down through generations of alchemists. The air around him crackled with energy, and Wulfgar could feel the potion reaching its peak of potency.

Just as the potion settled into a shimmering liquid, a sound echoed through the chamber—the heavy footsteps of approaching guards. Wulfgar’s heart raced. He had to act quickly. He grabbed the vial and drank the potion in one swift motion. A cold, tingling sensation spread through his body, and he felt himself fade from sight.

The door burst open, and a group of armored guards stormed in, weapons drawn. They scanned the room, their eyes passing over Wulfgar as if he were nothing but air. Holding his breath, Wulfgar slipped past them and into the corridor. He moved swiftly and silently, the potion’s magic rendering him invisible to all.

As he exited the Keep and stepped into the night, Wulfgar allowed himself a brief moment of triumph. The Sundial of the Sun God had granted him the means to turn invisible, a gift that could change the course of his destiny. With newfound confidence, he set off into the darkness, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead, hidden from the eyes of the world.